The three little words we often hear people contemplate… if they’re brave enough ask aloud. If you are the kind of person who asks yourself “am I arrogant?”, guess what? You’re almost certainly not. It takes humility even to ask. 

The Deeper Pattern
Arrogance is one symptom of inadequacy and most people feel inadequate in some way.  People respond to inadequacy in one of two ways: 

1. We inflate. We seek to make up for a sense of inadequacy by trying to be more than we are. Self-promoting perhaps. Promising too much. Always trying to shine. Be a superhero.
2. We deflate. We are the shy ones, and most people are in this group. We show up as less than we are. We may think we are avoiding the risk of being seen as arrogant but in fact, we are just hiding.

Humility is being true to who you are. Showing up either as more or less than yourself are both imitations. 

Be Vulnerable
Whether your natural confidence gets inflated in a superior way or deflated in a shy way, this practice can help you. Being vulnerable means showing others what it is like to be you. Exactly as you are.

Empowerment Practice
Often we are at our most vulnerable when we speak about our vision – the future we are creating for ourselves and for the world. So I suggest making some notes about who you are in your full potential and publishing that vision for others to see. For a more detailed outline tap Empowerment Practice. Don’t use your aversion to arrogance as an excuse to hide. Pay attention to letting people know who you are in your full potential in an accurate way, neither inflated nor deflated. 
We would love to hear how you support yourself and others to emerge from either a superior or a shy pattern into the authentic expression of who we are.

David Lesser
Founder & CEO