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The Power of Peer Coaching

3 reasons mutual empowerment is right for you When we think of a regular coaching session, we think of it as one-on-one. While these sessions have certainly help leaders grow, they also create a teacher-student relationship. Being a good coachee becomes more important...

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The Value of Authentic Connections

People are social beings. From back in the day when we supported each other as hunters and gatherers to today’s society where connections bring us creativity, meaning and joy, friends and family are important to us. They bring out the best in us emotionally, mentally,...

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Seeing with a Clear Mind

Many professionals show up to our peer coaching groups wishing their minds were more alert and less distracted. People think that there is an ideal mind and that their mind is not living up to the standard. The truth is that everybody’s mind works differently. To...

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How to Track A Person’s Growth

Recently, a CEO was speaking to us about what he keeps top of mind. His priority is to track the personal growth of those who work most closely with him. Here is the process we designed to make this most effective.Three Steps to Track Growth: Identify their gift and...

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Making Change Easier

Change, on whatever scale, can be a difficult adjustment. In a corporate setting, this makes situations like mergers or culture shifts more difficult to implement as those within the business struggle to hold on to what they are used to. What appears as fear of change...

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Working with Combative Leadership Styles

The best businesses often come out of contrasting leadership styles. For example, one leader may thrive as a visionary dreaming up the next big product to stand out in the industry, while his partner may be a gifted realist that can execute on budgets, goals and...

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