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What if Meetings Were Truly Engaging

According to a recent study the average executive spends 23 hours a week in meetings. We've all been trapped in meetings that seem to do little more than catch people on past events or hand out gold stars. As a steady diet, that gets boring…fast! Which is why we...

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The Five Most Common Leadership Mistakes

There’s a lot of generic advice that circulates around becoming a strong leader: hire people smarter than you are, read autobiographies from major CEO’s, wake up at 5 am. While these can all help advance your skills as a leader, they aren’t particularly useful if...

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Are you conversationally intelligent?

As children, we’re often asked what it is we would like to be once we’re older. Often we respond with jobs we deem as heroic  or display some sort of artistic talent like firefighter, ballerina, or major league baseball player. As the years pass we continue to repeat...

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From Combative to Productive

It’s not rare to find in your team a personality that is overly aggressive.  These folks can be particularly difficult to manage, as they often encounter a great deal of pushback or push away from fellow team members. However, this aggression is a powerful tool that...

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Often, when dealing with an overly confident team member or leader, our first reaction is to want to take the individual down a peg or two. Over confidence (or what may be viewed as arrogant, superior, entitled, trying too hard) is actually a feeling of inferior. The...

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