A baby cannot help but grow. However, if an adult is not deliberate about their development, they will stagnate. 

I often get asked what’s the best way to create a personal or professional development plan. Use these three steps to support your own growth, and that of your team. 

Self Assessment: 
Most people are not clear about their opportunities for growth. Likewise few managers, who review performance in regular evaluations, know how to assess personal development or how to increase leadership capacity. What strengths to focus on? What weaknesses to address for optimum benefit? Where do you even begin?

One solution is to write it down!  Make notes about your own strongest gift and deepest challenge. How do you see the specific aspect of growth you are intending to achieve?

We use a 20 question assessment questionnaire. Score yourself on each question and look for common themes in those areas for which you are strong, and so not strong. Even more powerful… send this questionnaire to people who know you well and have them score you too. Or use this as a 360 to have each member of your key team score each other.

Create A Development Plan:
From your self assessment, you want to articulate your greatest gift or strength and your deepest weakness or challenge. These will be the focus of your development plan. The fastest way to grow is to leverage where you are already strong to grow the areas that are most challenging for you. 

Create a plan of practices, self observations and actions that support growth of your greatest gift and for your deepest challenge. Click here to see an example of a best practice development plan.  

Follow Up:
Put in place a secure method of accountability: someone who–say three months from now– will review your progress on the commitments you made in your development plan.
Until next time,

David Lesser
Founder & CEO