I often teach this Scream Towel meditation to clients who are looking to release pent up emotion, so they can be full alert. You only need two things: a minute of time and a hand towel.

See the demo in this super short video

Use the top end of the towel to muffle the noise and the middle of the towel to protect your throat, so you really can let out all that emotion.

Besides instantly releasing emotion, the great thing about this practice is that it can be done practically anywhere. I like to keep an extra towel in my car and release energy at the stop lights. Traffic can get stressful! Ready? One, two, three, go ahead and scream into the towel. Whatever feeling — grief, anger, sadness. Release and set these emotions free. Feel the clarity and be fully available for what you care about most.

Give it a go and let me know how this kind of practice helps you.

David Lesser
Founder & CEO