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App Guided Self Discovery

The Numina coaching app guides users through the transformational leadership development experiences that we’ve been offering in person to CEO clients for twenty years. Each session is immersive and user-centric. No lectures, PDFs or other content you can already find online. Just immersive learning that is always fresh and relevant because it draws directly from users’ life experiences.

Facilitated Peer Support

Sharing the personal discoveries that happen in the Numina coaching app with a team of peers takes your leadership development to a new level. A skilled Numina facilitator leads the team in deepening mutual trust. Between meetings you see the work your colleagues are doing in the Numina app and they see yours, so when the team gets together you all hit the ground running. We learn from each other in ways no expert could teach.

Track Your Growth

Leadership assessment tools help people understand their strengths and challenges. Numina collaborates with the world’s leading assessment developers to embed tests that show you which leadership qualities to focus on, and how growing these impact self-development and company performance.
•  Disengaged workers cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year (Gallup)

•  Virtuous practices achieve significantly higher levels of performance (University of Michigan)

•  Positive workplace culture comes from helping each other (Harvard Business Review)

“I had no idea how powerful Numina would be for me. The skillful and caring facilitation together with the deep self exploration I experienced with this app have guided me to a whole new level of leadership.”
Vhalle H

Leadership Trainer

Numina is a framework for team members to learn about some important concepts. We’ve added a few tricks to our arsenal that will help spread empathetic awareness throughout the organization.”
Peter N

Platform Architect

“Working with the Numina app helped me prioritize business decisions and focus on important growth edges. I was impressed with how quickly and deeply everyone in my E-Team connected and grew.”
Ted S


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The Numina System distributes the core ingredients of good coaching: guidance, support, and reflection on your progress.
Guiding whole teams and organizations to greater self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, and effectiveness.