Scaling Leadership

Scaling Leadership

Find out more about how to increase the performance and engagement of your teams and create a “coaching culture” organization.

The Emerge! exercises are powerful. They encourage introspection and challenge one to access their inner truth and challenge ineffective patterns of thought and behavior. It is an effective tool for helping uncover roadblocks, allowing one to move forward, seek out additional support, and achieve one’s full potential.

Jenn A.

Emerge! Participant

Guiding whole teams and organizations to greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, capacity to motivate others, and a motivation to continue learning, growing, and providing high value to their teams.

70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work (Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report). Work is broken. This has huge negative consequences. Organizations with low employee engagement scores experience:

  • 18% lower productivity
  • 16% lower profitability
  • 37% lower job growth
  • 65% lower share price over time
  • How do you engage workers and improve performance? It’s not being a hard driving manager. It’s creating a positive culture of growth and support. A positive workplace culture come from fostering social connections, showing empathy, helping others, and asking for help and talking to people about their problems.
  • Emerge! scales awareness, connection, confidence, and power across whole teams and organizations.
  • The Emerge! system makes creating a culture of awareness, connection, confidence, and power cost-effective. We combine transformative, immersive mobile learning, with a weekly facilitated peer group in person or on video, and growth-tracking assessments.
  • We have delivered these same experiences to executives personally for 20 years. Now, we are giving into to everyone on your team and throughout your organization. Contact us to find out more.