Great entrepreneurs take great risks. Clients often ask to become more effective in the assessment of risks, dangers and threats. We will address that today by adapting one of the pivotal processes in the Numina At-home Transformation Retreat. 

When faced with danger, most people get uneasy and narrow their focus. See less. Just when we most need to see more and heighten our awareness. It doesn’t work to push yourself to counter your fear. In the end, the hesitancy wins. 

What we find works better is to meet your inner risk manager: the part of you whose life’s work is to keep you safe. If your relationship with your inner risk manager has gone toxic, you will blindly miss the good risks and naively take the bad ones. 

This 3-step process will upgrade your relationship with your own inner risk manager.

Prepare The Setting

First setup two chairs facing each other in the room.
On chair 1, put a sign that says: Normal Self
On chair 2: put a sign that says: Inner Risk Manager

Step 1: Name your Big Risk

Sitting in chair 1–the ‘Normal Self’ chair–write down the five risks or “bad things” that most cause you to hesitate. Things like “I won’t have enough money”, “I’ll waste my time and energy” or “I will alienate my friends”. Whatever the top five are for you. 

Then synthesize these into a single Big Risk. The basic thing that you want to make sure doesn’t happen. Write this in large letters and place it on the floor between the ‘Normal Self’ chair and the ‘Inner Risk Manager’ chair. 

Step 2: Connect with your Inner Risk Manager

Go over and sit in chair 2–the ‘Risk Manager’ chair. Play the role of that protector part of you. Journal her/his answers to these questions: 
How do I as the Inner Risk Manager keep ‘Normal Self’ safe? 
(If you prefer, use your name as in: When I (as Risk Manager) perceive risk, what do I say or do to keep [David] safe?)
When [David] doesn’t listen, what methods do I use to keep him safe anyway? 

Journal on these questions from the Inner Risk Manager’s chair. Be ruthlessly candid.

Step 3: Create a New Agreement

Now go back to sit in the ‘Normal Self’ chair. Write a short note to your inner risk manager., Start by thanking ‘Risk Manager’ for keeping you safe, all these years. Write a request. How do you want the ‘Risk Manager’ to relate to you now? And what will you offer to make it easier for ‘Risk Manager’ fulfill her/his function in a more mature and enlightened way?

When we were little, we didn’t have the kind of awareness and skill set we have now. Back then, we related to our inner risk manager in a young way. Clumsy, narrow or numb even. Now we upgrade this vital part of our internal dynamic. Listen to what ‘Risk Manager’ sees. Ask her/him to see even more, not less. Ask “Risk Manager’ also support your decisions, to step up and help you take great risks with more clarity and skillfulness.

I’d love to hear how your own relationship with risk has evolved over time. 

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David Lesser
Founder & CEO