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Numina was founded to give as many people as possible access to the deep, transformational leadership development experiences that great executive coaches deliver one-on-one to senior leaders. Everything we do is about scaling depth.

David Lesser

Founder, CEO

David Lesser has been an executive coach and confidant to senior leaders in a variety of fields for twenty years. In addition to his management, facilitation and coaching skills, David has experience in marketing, real estate and corporate finance. He has an MBA from London Business School, was CEO of a $100m London-based real estate and construction group, and executive director of a $40m worldwide not-for-profit. David was born in London England. He moved to Colorado, USA in 1994. Since 2004 he has been living with his wife Chellsa near San Francisco, California.

Zach Schlosser

Cofounder, COO

Zach Schlosser studied religion at Brown University. He has mentored academics, non-profit directors, prison inmates, healthcare workers, high school students, technologists, and other coaches. In addition to his work on Numina he writes for online publications about using technology to change humans’ experience for the better. His passion inspires many people to create a culture that reminds all of us to stand in our own creative power and to shape the world so that it works for all.

Sean McCormick

Sales Director

Sean has a passion for growing people and innovative brands. As an entrepreneur in the wellness industry and a certified life coach his focus lies in self-optimization. Sean is based in Seattle, where he works with Numina in branding, sales and marketing. His previous experience in the corporate sales world has given him keen insights into the inner-workings and pitfalls of working for large corporations.

John Welch


John Welch is a veteran leader of the games industry and one of the early pioneers of digital distribution. He helped build the SEGA Dreamcast Network, then ran the Shockwave.com games business, where he sold among the first premium digital content – download versions of arcade classics including Defender and Spy Hunter – long before Kindle books or iTunes. In 2004 John co-founded PlayFirst and its successful Diner Dash franchise. Since 2009 he has been founder and CEO of Making Fun, a mobile and PC developer whose games include Hidden Express, BloodRealm, and Mage & Minions. Welch is a board member of two other gaming companies, an active member of the Golden Gate chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization, and a regular advisor and speaker at the annual Game Developers’ Conference. He holds degrees in Math and Computer Science from M.I.T. and UMass Amherst.

Yema Yang


Yema Yang is currently a student at Brown University, Class of 2019, where she is pre-med and concentrating in Psychology to someday empower and support those with mental illness. She is passionate about guiding individuals to flourish and hopes her work with Numina will help transform people to be who they have always dreamt of being.

Pratham Luthra


Pratham is currently interning with Numina and is responsible for managing and generating stories and blog content. The former sales executive and current masters student is compassionate, hardworking and ambitious, with a passion to find the deeper meaning of life and make a positive change in the world we live in.

Maria Grabowska


Maria has been working in the Leadership Development sector for four years. She was bridging the talent gap between Danish companies and the leadership pipeline through providing leadership development experiences to youth in Denmark. Out of her need to build positive impact in society, after this experience she decided to pursue a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship. Working at Numina is right up her ally, as she contributes to impacting teams in a positive way.

Maira Couto Rodrigues Lopes


Maíra is a medical doctor with an additional degree in Business Administration (BA) and 9 years’ experience in a large healthcare corporation. Responsible for business development, she led a total sales growth of more than 5 times in 2 years. Maira moved to San Francisco from Brazil in 2015 to pursue an MBA at Hult International Business School. Maira is also passionate about coaching, and she has been supporting colleagues and friends to find a meaningful and healthy path in life.

Content Partners

Ted Strauss

Ted Strauss

Ted Strauss is co-founder of iConscious.global and has been a writer and teacher of awakening for over 40 years. Over the past 19 years, he was instrumental in building the foundations of the Waking Down in Mutuality work, including designing and presenting core dharma workshops and the mentor and teacher training programs. During that time, he worked very personally with thousands of students to assist their awakening process. Through this experience, Ted has discovered ways to streamline personal and interpersonal development, enabling most aspirants to experience major shifts in days or months instead of years or lifetimes.

Holly Woods

Holly Woods

Holly Woods PhD is a coach and mentor to executives and entrepreneurs who desire to unleash their purpose-driven potential and bring more meaning, innovation, and strategic focus to their work or life. Her intuitive holistic strategies will align your energy with your authentic life and activate the power of your purpose. Holly brings 35 years in working with leaders, teams, and organizations, including as a Purpose Guide™, Integral Master Coach™, Professional Mediator®, Integral facilitator, Shadow guide, and in consciousness-based Organization and Human Development. Holly now lives in the San Francisco Bay area and works globally.

Carole Griggs

Carole Griggs

Carole Griggs, Ph.D. is co-founder of iConscious. She is a university professor, international speaker, professional coach and consultant, author/writer, and pioneer and leader in the areas of Consciousness Evolution and Human Development, and integrative Wellness and Nutrition. Carole is a professor at National University for the Masters of Science in Complementary and Integrative Healthcare program, owner of Carole Griggs Enterprises LLC (drcarolegriggs.com), and author of Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches. For more than a decade, Carole has been extensively researching and working with clients and coaches worldwide in the awakening and development process. She brings a depth and breadth of experience and expertise working with clients in the evolution of human consciousness, personal and interpersonal development, and in various modalities of physical health and wellbeing. Carole holds a Doctorate degree in Professional Coaching and Human Development, a Masters degree in Education and Teaching, and a Bachelors degree in Science.

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