A few of us are gestating an idea and would like your input. From guiding forums of CEOs to go deep together—through YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and other networks—to fostering trust in some wonderful leadership teams, I have been privileged to learn the craft of mutual empowerment. Lonely at the top? Not so much if you have this kind of support. 

I see a gap in what is available for leaders who do not wear CEO or president titles. While there are countless networking and professional organizations, I believe many C-suite executives would grow so much in this deeper level of mutual empowerment. We are going to make it so: Mutual Empowerment Online (MEO). Here are seven principles that such a community of leaders might embody. 

People with Similar Challenges
In the online format, a forum of five peers plus a facilitator is optimal. Each participant will be a direct report to the CEO of a corporation of 50 employees or more. We will make sure those in your peer group are from non-competing industries.

A Safe Space to Be Fully Yourself
Each participant commits to confidentiality and to seeing the best in each other. We will train and develop use of the four key skills: how to inquire, empathize, support and challenge in a small group online.  

Deep Human Connection Online
Forums will use the 75-minute MEO meeting format and the Circles video conference platform to optimize the feeling of intimacy and authenticity of engagement. While no-one is expected to disclose beyond what is fitting for them, participants give and get the most benefit by sharing their personal experiences.  

Efficient Use of Time
Each meeting, one of the group explores a growth opportunity in depth. After their exploration, the person commits to a measurable action to do before next session. Between meetings all participants do homework on the Numina App, and review each others’ work, so we hit the ground running when we meet. 

Facilitated Start Up then Self Governing
A trained facilitator from the Numina Team will guide the first five sessions. From there, the forum will evolve its own culture as fits those involved. Eventually, the community made up of the many forums may also come together for activities that the members create.

Extra Benefits
While your mutually empowering online forum will likely always be the main reason to participate, we see special benefits emerging such as calling together subject matter experts to solve specific issues and the occasional really amazing party! 

Paying It Forward
We want to innovate the funding model. What if we offer the first five facilitated sessions free? Your only commitment is to complete those five calls. The community is sustained by members, who feel so moved, donating toward the cost of the next group’s facilitator or introducing mutual empowerment to your company, in which case Numina will make the donation.   

What do you think? Click here to email me with any input that might be helpful or if you know a C-suite executive who might want to be part of the first MEO (mutual empowerment online) 5-person peer forum. 

I don’t believe anyone is better placed to offer an online format that delivers this kind of growth, depth and connection.