Being Open Practice

To Grow Connection

  • Twice a day pause and tune into what you are feeling
  • Locate where in your body that feeling is
  • Note if it has a color, temperature, texture, weight or what it is like
  • Tell someone what you are feeling, where you feel it and what it is like for you

Other Practices That Develop Connection

Admit Your Feelings

  • Deliberately let people know when you are hurting or moved
  • Track where in your body you feel different emotions
  • Discern whether you are feeling sad, mad, glad, bad or afraid
  • Share things about your childhood that you found hard

Enter the Other’s Reality

  • Watch people and tune into what they are feeling
  • After a conversation, note what each participant might be feeling
  • Take time with someone close to you asking in detail what they are feeling
  • Intuit what someone is all about, then find out how accurate you were

Receive Support

  • Find someone with whom you can, for a period, be vulnerable and cared for
  • List what is most nurturing or pleasurable for you and consciously indulge
  • Interpret all behavior as either extending love or a cry for love
  • Hold or play with a child and deeply connect being to being

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