In the next four posts, we will explore how the four wounds outlined below impact the world and the market opportunities each of them create. 

Take for example the much-discussed isolation epidemic, which is an expression of abandonment. The loss of love most of us experience personally in one way or another. Countless articles, Wikipedia pages, and papers discuss this ongoing trend of loneliness and social isolation experienced by people in the United States and across the globe. Studies show the uptick in loneliness began in the 2010s and was exacerbated by Covid and its impact. Additionally, it seems likely to persist, maybe deepen. 

In the next blog, we will explore the opportunities in this trend: for example, the demand for initiatives that build community, facilitate human connection, and put us in touch with our emotions. Why do some work well and others not so well? And where is all this going?

In the following weeks we’ll go into the social impact of each wound and the opportunities each affords. I welcome your perceptions on all of this, whether they agree with mine or not.


David Lesser