Clearing The Air Practice

To Grow Power

  • Find someone with whom you have concern that has not been spoken
  • Speak that concern owning the issue as yours
  • Ask them to reflect back so you know you have been heard
  • Make a request they can answer now that will help you to be clear with them

Other Practices That Develop Power

Confront Opposition

  • Name three things you are avoiding and deal with them now
  • Identify a difficult conversation you to have, rehearse with a friend then do it
  • Do something you want that you fear others will disapprove
  • Use just enough force to awaken someone to a truth or shift a stuck pattern

Complete Clear Goals

  • List as many different ways as you can to make agreements measurable
  • Give another the power to invoke consequences if you break an agreement
  • Make up for any mistakes by acts of service rather than words of apology
  • Insist on consequences for those who keep or break an agreement with you

Say “No” Cleanly

  • At the end of each day, list and review the things you said “no” to
  • Look at your to-do list to see what only you can do; delegate everything else
  • Feel the impact of each “no” to note any you could have done with less hurt
  • Encourage someone to stretch beyond a perceived limitation

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