Empowerment Practice

To Grow Confidence

  • Write about your unique gifts or superpowers
  • Describe a future vision that you would like to see yourself creating
  • Note any hesitation you have to declare these publicly
  • Publish on your site or social media your superpower statement and future vision

Other Practices That Develop Confidence

Ask for Greatness

  • Find 4 people who see different aspects of your greatness and meet with each every month for insight and encouragement
  • Request money or time for a project you believe is worthwhile
  • List your weaknesses and hire or associate with someone who is strong in each of your weak areas
  • Say yes when people offer to do things for you

Celebrate Small Wins

  • Identify six things that have gone well for you during the last month
  • Acknowledge those close to you for some way they have grown or matured
  • For each of your key people, list rewards or gifts that are easy to give and would mean a lot for them to receive
  • Give public credit to someone, affirming their character not just their performance

Declare Your Vision

  • Describe to a friend your picture of two years from now, all having gone well
  • List the growth or benefits others have experienced because of you
  • Publish a short paper that helps the reader be more happy or effective
  • Write your mission, purpose or vision

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