Feedback Practice

To Grow Awareness

  • Ask 4 friends to name 3 of your strengths and 3 weaknesses with examples where possible
  • Notice what feelings or defenses are triggered in you
  • Write the things people say about you that you resist, and why

Other Practices That Develop Awareness

Invite Feedback

  • Predict a measurable future outcome and compare what actually happens
  • Have someone tell you how others speak about you behind your back
  • Open the details of your life to the input of a wise mentor

Explore Diverse Perspectives

  • Imagine looking at yourself through the eyes of a child, customer or spouse
  • Volunteer in a hospice and find out how people close to death see things
  • Dialogue with someone whose worldview you find loathsome
  • Project yourself years in the future looking back at your present situation

Own Your Quirks

  • Imagine yourself giving voice to impulses you normally repress or cover up
  • Ask a friend to disclose things that he or she does not trust about you
  • Examine something evil and see if you have a version of that in you
  • Poke fun at your own failings

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