Over the last few months, we have been developing the Numina Transformation Retreat. Two versions: a half-day Self-Guided Retreat or our more tried and tested two-day Facilitated Retreat.

We are inviting you to pilot our half-day Self-Guided Retreat. In exchange, we would like your feedback to help make this an even better experience for the people who follow. No cost to you.

The Self-Guided Retreat consists of 5 experiential processes:


You will receive a box with all the materials you need to complete each process, plus a workbook with detailed instructions and space to journal your reflections.

For the Facilitated Retreat, you are guided by a coach via video conference who will debrief each step with you, offer insights that support your self emergence and design practices for your ongoing development plan. 7 powerful processes. $750 for two four-hour sessions plus follow up.

Participants report crucial shifts such as “releasing self sabotage”, “seeing my life in perspective”, “accessing a part of myself I have long held back”, and “opening to deeper connection.”

If you would like to pilot the Self Guided Retreat or benefit from the full Facilitated Retreat, please reply email with your mailing address, and we will get a box of materials out to you.