People are social beings. From back in the day when we supported each other as hunters and gatherers to today’s society where connections bring us creativity, meaning and joy, friends and family are important to us. They bring out the best in us emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. Of course, not every family or friendship interaction is wonderful and painless. Even these help us grow.

In today’s society, loneliness is pandemic. In a recent study, 50% of leaders say they are lonely. And loneliness is often cited as a major source of suffering for people everywhere. 

Where does this leave us? It has us longing for more. It has us dissatisfied with the status quo.

In order to grow connections and get close to people, we need to learn new skills in being vulnerable and accessible to others. It is about finding creative ways to show our deeper selves and have other people feel seen and heard by us. 

It can be difficult to be vulnerable and disclose parts of ourselves. To help with this, Numina is empowering people to create their personal network of support using an online app and small-group video conference sessions. A community of people growing together by bringing out the best in each other. Groups of 5 people are put together in transformation groups where we share the deeper parts of ourselves through video and audio and grow surprisingly close to each other while working on our blindspots and enhancing our natural gifts.  

If you are interested in a special opportunity to participate in a 5-session transformation group for no cost, please contact

David Lesser
Founder & CEO