I have enjoyed the shift of perspective that happens around the holiday season. In an almost clairvoyant moment, I was taken by a deep feeling of connection with the world. I felt people who had a positive impact on me and the influence I have on others—a few I know and many I don’t.

I rarely let myself have that pleasure. Usually, I am so preoccupied to perceive more clearly what is happening in those around me, seeking better ways to support them through their current growing edge and immediate circumstance, that I overlook the deeper influence.

In this moment of insight, like the heat from the fan in my office, I felt my influence as a quality of nourishment extending into the world. I am not saying that I haven’t caused a few headaches here and there as well! But what a powerful inspiration when we let ourselves enjoy the beneficial impact we have.

So many of my client’s rate impact as a high value, if not the highest. They want our coaching work, team development, or at-home retreats to enhance their impact as leaders and as companies. Much of the time, however, they overlook much of the influence they are already having.

It is hard to conjure what you believe does not exist. It is way easier to enhance what is already enjoyed as real and healthy.

If you have some quiet time in the coming days, contemplate the sphere of your influence, people whose lives are touched in even the smallest way. Open your feeling perception to enjoy the beneficial quality that naturally extends because of you. Maybe you will perceive your gift as encouragement, clarity, owning shadow, feeling safer, more confident, or at peace.

Even if it is a little confronting, set aside any self-deprecation and write down the qualities of your unique gift. Keep refining until you have the clearest possible articulation. Whatever else you may do to prepare for the year ahead, begin with this knowing that—directly and indirectly—you are already of great benefit because that is who you are.

David Lesser
Founder & CEO