Quality time with your partner might your best Valentine’s gift ever. Here are some ideas on how to structure your own half-day couple’s retreat.

Step 1: The Future You Want

Each partner depicts their vision in pictures. We prefer electronic devices to be off. So get some crayons and draw. Even better, cut out photos from those magazines you have laying around. Whatever will evoke a felt sense the future. Share and discuss with your partner.

Step 2: Past Experiences  

Make a list of the events in each of your lives that were most emotionally impactful. When you show your list, ask your partner to give their perception of how these impactful events may have affected your relationship.  

Step 3: What Drives You

Think about when you are most in the flow, giving your best stuff. Happy. Fulfilled. In such times, what are you getting that you really want? Prioritize your list, share and discuss.

Step 4: What Holds You Back

When you hesitate, what are the risks, dangers or threats that give you pause? List, share and discuss. Then take some extra time to go a notch deeper and list a fear or two that you may have missed first time around.

Step 5: Next Steps

Commit to measurable actions to let go of old habits that no longer serve your relationship and create new agreements.

Let me know how it goes.

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As always, my best,

David Lesser