I had the pleasure of being interviewed on a podcast by my dear friend Allison Pickens. Allison is the founder and CEO of the New Normal Fund, and previously COO of Gainsight. 

Today I’m sharing the full half-hour audio on our vivid podcast around growing your leadership team. When clients turn into friends, those are my favorite kind of conversations – so you’re in for a treat. We really dig into developing leadership through a few of the topics below and so much more:

  • Why is it important to set a personal growth trajectory for each executive, apart from the targets on your metrics dashboard or the requirements in their job description?
  • What are the 4 competencies that high potential executives should be developing?
  • Why is there no universal definition of a stellar VP?

Take a listen here, I hope you enjoy it! If you want to hear more of Alison’s thoughts, subscribe to her Substack newsletter here.


David Lesser