With shock and surprise in a few short days it will be Thanksgiving again! It feels not so long ago we were waiting with baited breath for the change in warmer temperatures and the promise of sunny summer days. And now with immaculate rhythm as another season closes makes way, the unofficial season of gratitude comes back this week. 

I remember my first experience celebrating Thanksgiving. 35 years ago, and it almost feels like yesterday. I was invited to share a Thanksgiving meal with new American friends. In the UK we don’t celebrate this tradition and it was such a special experience – breaking bread with strangers turned friends, indulging in new-to-me foods, enjoying the company of a bevy of cultures and feeling immense appreciation for the warmth of these fellow wayfarers. A deeply felt overall gratitude for life.

Gratitude comes and goes for most of us. Too often unnoticed, without a practice such as to jot down 3 things you were grateful for today. I challenge you one step further…

Speak your gratitude this season. 

Last week I had some issues with an order delivery mixup. I wrote to the support team and they were most gracious, accommodating, and quick to respond. Now it’s easy to overlook something this simple; however the customer support agent had done her job wonderfully, making my day that much better. I wanted to thank her and let her know she really did an excellent job. In a few minutes she replied letting me know my words really made an impact and made her day. I was not expecting that. I wasn’t even expecting her to respond at all. Hearing that my gratitude mattered to her really filled me up. It is so nourishing for me to both express and receive gratitude. 

Many of you have been kind enough to thank me for the content of these blog posts. Let me  take this moment to say how much that means to me.   

This season of gratitude – as we inch forward to more time with each other in a spirit of celebration – let’s speak our gratitude freely and often. For things small and large. Let the impact of your words fill someone else’s day.

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All the Best,

David Lesser